New World Order: WakuDoki


This just in: Toyota wants a viral video hit, and they’ve enlisted our boys in suits to help them get it. There’s a fancy set, there’s a funny monkey, there’s a little bathroom humor, and there’s a wacky dance that you can easily learn the moves to. And upload a video of yourself doing. And win a trip to Tokyo!

There’s one little catch though–the contest is only open to residents of India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore and so on. North America and Europe are sadly not eligible for the free trips to Tokyo, though the website says that they are more than welcome to upload their own versions of the dance for fame and glory. Here’s how:

It’s a little bit heavy on the commercial side, but World Order has never hidden their embrace of capitalism. They continue to seem to be able to balance their pursuit of the almighty dollar (or yen, as it were) with a solid helping of creativity and unique voice.


Not much in the way of lyrics on this one, aside from the obvious “Do the WakuDoki!” WakuDoki is a portmanteau of two Japanese words: わくわく or wakuwaku which means to tremble, and ドキドキ or dokidoki, which is the onomatopoeia of a heart beat.  (You may remember it from Yume no Hajima Ring Ring) Combined it vaguely translates to “Heart Racing” and seems to be the current catchphrase around Toyota’s present marketing scheme. You can even see this Swiss version of the WakuDoki video (spoiler alert, it’s completely different, and there’s no Genki Sudo dancing his way into your heart.)

So what do you think of the new video? Will this song be stuck in your head forever? Will you try your hand the WakuDoki and try to WakuDoki your way to Tokyo? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to follow along on TwitterTumblr and Facebook 🙂

waku doki



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5 Responses to New World Order: WakuDoki

  1. I am half tempted to make a dance video myself. It could be fun! And it is such a catchy song.

  2. midgett says:

    I’m sadly unimpressed by the song. Also by the dancing. 😦 Still, I’ll pass this on to a few friends in far places.

  3. Kueh says:

    Sad to say but as a simple fan of World Order, this is far from their past successes. Because of the corporate agenda, the execution and inspiration falls short on the viral appeal World Order typically has. It may get some eye balls from their current fan base, but like myself, may not be impressed enough to share. Even with a dance, this is no Gangnam Style.

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