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Today’s Engrish: F$%¥ AS BOMB

It’s been quite a while since I posted any Engrish here on the blog. From Tiny Grass is Dreaming to my most popular post of all time, the Fuckin’ Sale, there just hasn’t been as much catching my eye the … Continue reading

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While I don’t think our friends from the Fuckin Sale will be selling any trinkets to commemorate their Engrish adventure (as many of our readers suggested) perhaps you can pick up one of these jackets to wear around town? I … Continue reading

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Bonus Engrish: Fuckin’ Sale, Part 2

Wow, cra-a-a-a-zy views on the post from yesterday! I guess everyone wants to see the fuckin’ craziest Engrish we’ve seen in a while. Many people have also been wondering about the veracity of the picture, and we can confirm that … Continue reading

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