While I don’t think our friends from the Fuckin Sale will be selling any trinkets to commemorate their Engrish adventure (as many of our readers suggested) perhaps you can pick up one of these jackets to wear around town? I would buy that!

Speaking of the Fuckin’ Sale, did you see we got Gawker‘d? How cool is that?

This week’s Engrish comes to us courtesy of @Shogannai, who originally posted it on Instagram. Are you on Instagram? I just started (@vyxle, of course), and I’m suddenly addicted. Shame that it’s limited to iPhones, but otherwise it’s great fun. Anyway, thanks again, @Shogannai!


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1 Response to Fuckers.

  1. CptPhoenix says:

    LOL. Today while clothes shopping in Japan we saw a “Dick Brewer” t-shirt. Is that something cannibals do for a lark?

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