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Howard Stern Hates Yoshiki?

As I mentioned recently, we’re pretty familiar with X Japan. Yoshiki has been a guest at Otakon a number of times, and in addition to the Reunion Concert at the Tokyo Dome, we also saw Toshi & Yoshiki at Japan … Continue reading

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What is this I don’t even…Gatsby Aqua

Mute your computer. Right now. Turn off all sound before you watch this video. I want you to watch this video with no music at all (it’s short.) Next, turn the sound back on, watch it again, and prepare to … Continue reading

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Cee Lo Green’s F**K You in Japanese

I have no idea why Warner Music, or perhaps Cee Lo Green himself felt a need to translate this anthem into Japanese, but I’m glad they did. It makes me happy. And it totally counts as studying Japanese, right?

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Monkey Majik After the Quake — Video

Some foreigners come to Japan to teach English for a year or two, partying every weekend and traveling all over before heading home. Others find a new home, put down roots, perhaps get married and have kids. Still others become … Continue reading

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What is this I don’t even…にっこりマッコリ

This appears to be an ad for a Korean Rice Wine. Is that why they have kind of weird accents? (Arigato gojaimasu? What now?) But, that still doesn’t explain the weird dancing, or their weird hair, or why these guys … Continue reading

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