Miso Kit Kats!

Recently, one of the best things ever happened. Word is starting to spread at work about my love of crazy Kit Kat flavors. One of my favorite coworkers said that he would let everyone know that if they see an interesting regional flavor while traveling, they should pick it up for me, and recently this resulted in one of the weirdest Kit Kat flavors yet appearing on my desk.


I enjoy the regional flavors, and the particularly Japanesey ones are always entertaining. They don’t always taste the best, but there’s just something delightfully insane about a Miso flavored Kit Kat. Hailing from around Nagoya, where my coworker traveled, this is the Tokkai Hokuirku Limited Edition.

Miso is made from fermented soybeans, salt, and apparently a special fungus, and is savory and delicious. It has one of the highest natural concentrations of “umami” or deliciousness. You probably know it in soup form from your local Japanese restaurant. It is sometimes used in sweets here, such as mochidango, but it just never tastes like dessert to me. I certainly never expected to see it in Kit Kats!

It has a white chocolate coating, and there seems to be miso infused in the chocolate itself, judging by the off-white (ecru, perhaps?) coloring. There’s also a strong scent of miso, and I can’t decide if it smells delicious or disgusting.

On first bite, I almost gagged, which is quite rare. I quickly realized that it was not delicious, but in fact, disgusting. It is actually a front runner for the most vile, foul, revolting flavor of Kit Kat I have yet to come across. The sugary sweetness and creamy chocolate are a terrible match for the savory mellow miso taste. I could barely finish the mini-bar, and that’s after sharing half of it with Sean!

Now, don’t get me wrong–you should totally still buy it if you get the chance! And I don’t regret biting into this freak of Japanese culture in the least. It’s these ridiculous flavors that make me the happiest, even if my tongue is sad.

This is one for the shock value, the entertainment factor. This is the sort of flavor that I want to find more of and share with all my friends, just so I can see the disgusted looks on their faces. My laughter will be well worth the price of admission, and I can best support these insane creations by voting with my wallet.


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5 Responses to Miso Kit Kats!

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  2. MC says:

    I love you guys, you know I would try crazy stuff, but I draw the line if you guys are gagging on something because the taste is that bad. 😛

  3. PIZZA_CRAZY says:

    Hi, I love Kit-Kat. Aah, I would like to try the unexpected miso-flavored one when I will go on a trip to the region.

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