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Engrish of the Week! Cooking hair?

Do you know the scent of burning hair? I can only imagine it wafting out of this place that Sean found in Tokyo recently. Ewww… Also, bonus points for the creepy dotted children’s faces on the window. It’s sort of … Continue reading

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Salt Caramel Chip Chop: A Taste Disaster

On my lunch break yesterday I stopped by a convenience store, and a new package of Chip!Chop caught my eye. I’d just posted about the catchy yet creepy commercial, and I figured I might as well try the actual product. … Continue reading

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New Summer Pepsi Dry

As I mentioned, I’ve been looking all over for the new Summer Pepsi since it was released earlier this week. I’m a big fan of the seasonal Pepsi flavors, like last winter’s Mont Blanc, Shiso, Cucumber, beautiful Baobab…the list goes … Continue reading

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Japanese Bagels are Stupid

Let’s say you happen to wander into your local Lawson’s (my favorite of the combini chains, and also the one closest to my house) in search of a sweet treat. Perhaps you might spot these cute, colorful little guys in … Continue reading

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Miso Kit Kats!

Recently, one of the best things ever happened. Word is starting to spread at work about my love of crazy Kit Kat flavors. One of my favorite coworkers said that he would let everyone know that if they see an … Continue reading

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