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Meet Melon Bear…

Meet Melon Bear. Melon Bear is half melon/half bear, and when he comes to class, my students get so excited that I’ve seen them literally start vibrating in their seats. Even students who previously had been

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Weekly Round Up!

Oh, snap! I forgot to do the Weekly Roundup! Ok, in case you missed anything… Last Monday I posted some pictures of some of the tasty lunches I had during the slow days of Spring Vacation, when teachers still go … Continue reading

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What is this I don’t even…Cathy’s House

I just…I…what?

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Good bye, Cherry Blossoms

Sakura season is almost at a close, already. It always seems fast, but this year particularly so–it felt like the blossoms were barely on the trees before the wind and rain (and maybe a few aftershocks?) shook them all to … Continue reading

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入学式 and a Beautiful Moment

Last week we had the School Entrance Ceremony, 入学式, which was remarkably similar to the Graduation Ceremony a few weeks ago. The freshmen processed in by class, and their home room teacher guided them with a flourish. Songs were sung, … Continue reading

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Engrish of the Week! Happy Friday!

Ah, my favorite kind of Engrish–spelled correctly, grammatically passable, and yet, just…wrong. I love the tone on this, it makes me think of some disappointed baker somewhere saying, “Well, it’s

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I should be so lucky…Kit Kats?

I recently found a new flavor of Kit Kat that confounded me. I’ve asked multiple coworkers, friends, and even students to help explain, and I still feel like I’m not quite getting the whole picture. It’s definitely one of the … Continue reading

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