Happy Friday! Engrish of the week!

Happy Friday! This trashcan is judging you.

“Would you like to review what your life should be…?”

Saw this recently over on JADIJ, and was really excited to find it for sale in our very own department store! You, too could be the proud owner of this delightfully judgemental trashcan, as modeled by our lovely friend Anna. Seriously, how awesome is this trashcan?

My favorite part is the “…?” So judgmental! It sounds like something GLaDOS would say, especially since Sean’s been playing Portal 2 lately…

(P.S. Have you entered the giveaway yet? If not, perhaps you would like to review…)


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4 Responses to Happy Friday! Engrish of the week!

  1. Callie Heaton says:

    Love this! Though it should never be put in a workplace. Especially a workplace on a high floor 😉

  2. Blue Shoe says:

    Yes! Awesome! =)

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