Japanese Culture Through Vegetables

Honor. Sacrifice. Devotion.

These vegetables teach an important lesson about Japanese culture, and I even picked up some vocab too. Win win!

P.S. What is this I don’t even.


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6 Responses to Japanese Culture Through Vegetables

  1. I was just watching the Last Samurai so this is kind of scary. But very curious if the carrot follows or not.

    PS: Who the hell is Punie-sama?

  2. Blue Shoe says:

    Haha…have seen this video before. Funny stuff!

  3. TSOJ says:

    It’s from “Dai Mahou Touge”, also known as “Magical Witch Punie-chan”. You can get a brief summary of the show at Anime Planet. (http://www.anime-planet.com/anime/dai-mahou-touge).

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