The Big Announcement!

If you’re my friend on Facebook, then you may have seen a recent post mentioning that my time-off request for [REDACTED] unfortunately conflicted with [TOP SECRET] and it ended up going all the way to the Prefectural Board of Education. [TOP SECRET] is a big deal teacher duty, and apparently quite an honor, but [REDACTED] is pretty darn cool. Luckily my school realized just how cool it is, and went to bat for me, and the wonderful people at the BoE saw fit to agree. So what’s this all about?

We’re going to Los Angeles, California! We’ve been invited to Anime Expo 2011, and will be presenting a panel there all about Super Happy Awesome Fun Time! Basically we’ll be talking about life here in Japan and all the fun/cool/awesome/crazy stuff there is to see and do. We’ll also be giving away some awesome goodies (I’ve got crazy Kit Kats just waiting to go!)

When and Where: July 1st, 10:45am – 11:45am in LP4 (LACC 411, Theater)

As you can see from the schedules posted here, it’s the very first panel on Friday so you can come straight over from Opening Ceremonies and check it out! We definitely hope to see as many people as possible! It’s sure to be an awesome weekend–maybe we’ll even catch that Hatsune Miku concert I mentioned a while back…

So, are you going to Anime Expo 2011 this year?


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12 Responses to The Big Announcement!

  1. Haikugirl says:

    That’s so cool!! Congratulations!!

  2. Blue Shoe says:

    Nice! Have a good time, Alice. =)

  3. Vince says:

    Awww… I thought you were gonna say Otakon 😦

    It’s all good, though ^_^ Have fun with your panel!

    • I wish we could go to Otakon! It’s going to be SO awful not being there, but sadly no one’s paying my plane ticket for that one 😦 I should have a little something in the program book though, so I’ll be there in spirit ❤

  4. MC says:

    I wish I could see you guys..and your panel!!! ❤

    • I wish we could see you toooooooooo! I’m really excited about our trip, but I do wish we could go to Ota, too. It’s going to be WEIRD not being there, but sadly plane tickets are pretty expensive 😦

      You should come out to Cali 😛

  5. owwls says:

    Whoa congrats!

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