Japan Blog Matsuri — Summer Lovin’!

Hey guys! Well, the excellent folk at Nihongo Up have posted the results of this month’s Japan Blog Matsuri–a fabulous collection of posts from a ton of excellent Japan Bloggers, all about Drinks in Japan. If you’re looking for some new reads from some great writers, go check it out!

Also, exciting news! Super Happy Awesome will be hosting the Japan Blog Matsuri, organized by Japanalicious, for the the month of August!

August’s Topic

This month’s topic is Summer Lovin’! What do you love about summer in Japan? Festivals, fireworks, fireflies…there’s so much going on in this hot, hot season, and we want to know what really gets you going!

Rules & Guidelines

  • Submissions should be made in accordance with the Japan Blog Matsuri Rules and Guidelines
  • Submissions should be relevant to this month’s theme, Summer Lovin’
  • The submitted article must contain at least one picture related to the topic
  • The submitted article should contain a link back to this website
  • The deadline for submission is August 30th!

How to Submit an Article

  • Leave a comment on this post with a link to your article
  • Send an email to shaftsa at gmail dot com
  • Don’t forget, your deadline is August 30th!

We can’t wait to read all your awesome entries!

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27 Responses to Japan Blog Matsuri — Summer Lovin’!

  1. Locohama says:

    Hey Alice! thanks for the head’s up! Kinda hectic but i will definitely give it a go! great topic and good luck with this! I’m sure it’ll be super awesome! 😉

  2. Itsumo Japan says:

    Hi! Here’s my entry, an article about one of Japan’s most famous summer festivals, Gion Matsuri.
    I hope you enjoy it ^_^

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  9. http://www.carolinejosephine.com/2011/08/summer-lovin.html

    Here’s my post! Didn’t really think I had anything in me… but I did. Hope it’s okay ^^;

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