Royal Moisty…what now?

Happy Friday! Our Engrish of the Week this week is an excellent submission from the ever lovely Caroline Josephine. Remember, if you come across any awesome Engrish and would like to submit it to our EotW just email your pictures to shaftsa at gmail, ok? Now, on with the engrish!

Hmm…what could this be…a little round disc in a square package…





Mmm, Moisty White. We wouldn’t want it to not be moisty!

But what could it be? I’ll give you a hint: it starts with a “c”!

It’s a cookie, of course! The chocolat on the wrapper might have given it away, but still, doesn’t it look like, well, a condom package? And, seriously, moisty? Moisty? Oh, Japan!


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4 Responses to Royal Moisty…what now?

  1. Those cookies were SO good and very… moist! I’m kinda sad that I ate them all XD

  2. > The chocolat on the wrapper might have given it away

    I dunno about that, I’m sure there’s someone out there who came up with the idea of making chocolate flavored condoms…

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