Ghost-flavored Pringles!

As soon as September clicks over in Japan, it instantly becomes Autumn. The shelves are full of seasonally themed items covered in Maple leaves, chestnuts, sweet potatoes, and all the traditional Japanese symbols of Fall.

Though it’s still relatively new in Japan, and still almost a good 2 months away on the calander, Halloween related things are increasingly prevalent, with baskets full of plastic pumpkins and orange & black colored candies appearing at international stores like Kaldi and Costco, as well as more general shops like 7-Eleven and Lawsons.

Halloween will probably seem passé by the time October 31st actually rolls around, but that doesn’t stop the marketers from getting in on the act. The holiday is one of my favorites, though, so I’m happy to see what they come up with!

With that in mind, check out these super spoooooky new Pringles–ghost-flavored! Ok, ok, actually they’re flavored like Onion Gratin Soup, and the ghost is the cheese on top. Cute and clever!

They tasted nice enough, though I was hoping for a bit stronger onion/cheese flavor. It’s a bit more generic consommé than I wanted, but perhaps my expectations were too high. I was just bowled over by the cuteness!

As with many things in Japan, the packaging outdid what it contained, but they’re still worth munching on if you’re looking for a salty snack. Still, isn’t this freaking adorable? I especially love the little bats flying with the onion rings. It may be a little bit early, but it’s ok…yay, Halloween!


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6 Responses to Ghost-flavored Pringles!

  1. umebossy says:

    We got these at the weekend – quite tasty but didn’t really get the link to Halloween! Is onion gratin scary?! Maybe your breath after eating it is…

  2. owwls says:

    Now I know why I cry when I cut onions. I’ve got ghosts in my eyes!

  3. MC says:

    I think I just broke James’s head trying to explain Ghost Pringles to him LoL. He’s giving me a strong WTF mate look. XD

  4. Jonadab says:

    Some of the stores here have Christmas stuff on the shelves already.

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