Meet the Mascot — Blue’bear’ries!

Our lovely home of Gunma Prefecture is quite famous for fruit picking, but did you know that you can pick fruit in Tokyo as well? In the Nerima ward of Tokyo, a bit west of Ikebukuro and a bit north of Nakano there are some 25 blueberry picking locations! And what would something in Japan be without a ridiculously cute mascot?

Blueberries! That look like bears! Bluebearries!

According to Blue Lotus, who had her own Blueberry picking adventure recently, “Big Brother Bear is named Burun, he’s cheerful and good at making jam; Little Sister Bear Rirun is a bit shy and loves fireworks; Little Brother Bear Berun is a mischevious glutton who loves climbing trees.”

More info (Japanese-only) can be found about them here. If you’re interested in picking your own berries, the brochure is available here, though you have to download the PDF version page by page.

How adorable are these guys? We’re big fans of the fruit/bear hybrid phenomenon (perhaps they’re some distant cousin of Melon Bear?) and these guys are no exception! And I’m suddenly craving blueberries…


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