The Many Faces of Gunma-chan: Super ぐんまちゃん!

Hey guys! How awesome is this Gunma-chan? I think he’s my new favorite!

Now he’s not just our prefectural mascot, he’s our prefectural super hero too! I know I feel safer having him protecting us. Don’t you?

The cabbage patch we call home is pretty safe, but I’m sure he must be pretty busy fighting…well…what kind of villain would he fight? And would he drive a cabbage-mobile? Oh, Super Gunma-chan,we love you!


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8 Responses to The Many Faces of Gunma-chan: Super ぐんまちゃん!

  1. Starrybrooke says:

    There’s a Chiba-kun, too, that looks like a big red dog (a take-off on Clifford)? He promotes healthy Chiba-grown produce. Gunma-kun probably has to work pretty hard for Gunma cabbage after the cesium distribution maps were produced? (Sorry, I couldn’t tell if your post was cynical or not. I am pretty cynical about prefectures’ cartoonish promotion of radioactive produce.)

  2. Starrybrooke says:

    Sorry, I looked more at your blog and realized the comment wasn’t cynical… that a JET had made Gunma-chan? I was too caught by the similarity to Chiba-kun, the dog which really does show up in the supermarket to promote Chiba produce. Sorry for the mistake. I do enjoy the character and wish Gunma the best. (Cabbage is my favorite vegetable, btw.)

  3. Shinai Aya says:

    Protects the innocent from EVIL! Evil spirits that is!
    Fights off all evil voodoo that dare enter the homes and lives of others!
    Gunma-chan!! Zoooooooom!! There here goes in his cabbage-mobile!!
    Faster than the bat-mobile!! Even Batman is jealous of Gunma-chan!
    WE LOVE U Gunma-chan! \^o^/

  4. Shinai Aya says:

    look at his wee little boots!/^v^\

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