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A very Kyary Xmas!

A very Kyary Xmas!

Recently, on a particularly good hair day, one of my students declared that I had “Christmas Hair.” I don’t think this is quite what he meant, but I love it!

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Neon Genesis Evangelion Christmas Cake

A few weeks ago I talked about the K-On! Christmas cake, and mentioned there was another cake that looked even cooler. I planned to order one for Sean, but missed the cutoff date and kicked myself for days. Then, on … Continue reading

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New Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, “Tsukema tsukeru” with lyrics!

Everyone’s favorite Harajuku girl is at it again! きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (star of my most popular posts ever) has released a new PV for her new single, which is due out January 11th. Produced by Nakata Yasutaka of capsule … Continue reading

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Engrish of the Week: TIME SPARK & The JLPT

Recently pictures of totally awesome 100¥ watches started showing up on Facebook. Why would anyone want such a super cool watch, when most people tend to just use their cellphones to keep time these days? For the JLPT! Those of … Continue reading

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Lawson’s K-On! Fair

If you’re dreaming of coming to a magical land where there’s anime at every turn, and the girls have big beautiful eyes sparkling up at you, most people would tell you that Japan isn’t really like that. But here’s a … Continue reading

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