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Engrish of the Week! Oh, dear…

Well, for a women’s clothing store, at least it actually kind of makes sense? Oh, Japan… Thanks, Tricia!

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Disney’s Year of the Dragon

Happy Lunar New Year! Sean’s family is Thai-Chinese, so the holiday is always a big deal in our family. It’s still a bit strange to me that the zodiac animal changes at January 1st in Japan, so I decided not … Continue reading

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While I don’t think our friends from the Fuckin Sale will be selling any trinkets to commemorate their Engrish adventure (as many of our readers suggested) perhaps you can pick up one of these jackets to wear around town? I … Continue reading

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Tokyo Time Lapse

There’s been a ton of gorgeous time lapse videos of Tokyo and Japan cropping up lately. These are some of my recent favorites…   Lost in Tokyo, Mark Bramley One Week in Japan, Mike Matas Tokyo Echos, Blue Eden They’re … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Grand Canyon Burger & Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie

It’s that time again! McDonald’s Big American burger series is back! And what fresh new insanity do they have in store for us this time? First up is the

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The Fuckin’ Sale is Fucked.

It’s funny how fast the internet moves these days–thousands have people have stopped by here in the past few days to check out the Fuckin’ Sale, and here it is, already fuckin’ over. Well, actually the sale is still on … Continue reading

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Bonus Engrish: Fuckin’ Sale, Part 2

Wow, cra-a-a-a-zy views on the post from yesterday! I guess everyone wants to see the fuckin’ craziest Engrish we’ve seen in a while. Many people have also been wondering about the veracity of the picture, and we can confirm that … Continue reading

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Happy Engrish! Fuckin’ Sale!

A bunch of people have submitted this one, and understandably–it’s pretty awesome. I think it comes from a sale going on now in Osaka. Does anyone have any more info or pictures? Best fuckin’ Engrish of the year? EDITED TO … Continue reading

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