McDonald’s Grand Canyon Burger & Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie

It’s that time again! McDonald’s Big American burger series is back! And what fresh new insanity do they have in store for us this time?

First up is the Grand Canyon Burger!

Fried egg, double bun, two kinds of cheese, relish, fried onions, the brown sweet onion sauce from the Texas 2 Burger. Oh, and of course the hallmark oversized beef patty that hangs off the bun. Overall it’s pretty tasty, and after ditching most of the bun I don’t quite feel like death is pulling me tighter into her sweet embrace (see: Idaho Burger.)

That being said, I’m perplexed. What on earth does this have to do with the Grand Canyon? To be fair, I’m not terribly familiar with the regional cuisine, but I can’t honestly think of any food product that I associate with this natural wonder.

After all, with the Idaho Burger, they put a freaking potato on the thing. That just makes sense. And with the Miami Burger you can see the thought process, at least–“Miami means Latin flavors, which means Mexican food, which means Doritos.” But how does this represent the Grand Canyon?

As a special bonus to the Big America series, we have the newest dessert from McDonald’s Japan–the Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie.

Not gonna lie, this thing is effing delicious. First off, all McDonald’s pies are deep fried in Japan, so of course they’re going to be delicious. You could deep fry a shoe and it would probably be pretty tasty, so deep frying a flaky pie full of cream cheese and blueberry jam is an obvious home run.

They’re for a limited time only, which is definitely a good thing. I do not need these tasty little fatbombs tempting me whenever I pass through the train station on a late night out, with my inhibitions depleted and a hundred and twenty yen burning a hole in my pocket. And I’ll do my best to stay away from the “Just one more before they’re gone…” trap. In fact, these things should probably be illegal, and I’m sure they would be in Jaime Oliver’s world. Damn, you deliciousness!


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14 Responses to McDonald’s Grand Canyon Burger & Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie

  1. mooP says:

    Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie! Greatest thing ever! >_<

  2. MC says:

    Once again..suffering from Asian Awesome envy towards the blueberry cream cheese pie.

    ….the Grand Canyon burger reminds me of this burger place in NYC that serves a burger with a fried egg…and they call it the Texas burger haha.

  3. Ms.Godzilla says:

    I have been wondering if the pie is any good… I guess I’ll have to try one out before they are gone!

  4. Awesome stuff! I’m sitting here eating the Grand Canyon burger and I happened to google it… I mean, why not? I’m from Arizona (actually just about an hour or two away from the Grand Canyon) and I absolutely have no idea how this relates to the Grand Canyon or Arizona at all. Tastes good though, so I don’t care! Okay, time to go into a food coma.

  5. Very cool! I always look forward to the next burger in the Big American burger series 🙂

  6. Kaitlyn says:

    I’m not a huge burger lover, but I keep seeing the adverts for these and wondering what it would be like to taste what “America” tastes like. Agree, the blueberry cheese pie is sooo tasty and I am so glad the temptation won’t be around long.

  7. theresaurus says:

    I only agreed to try the Grand Canyon Burger because of this review and it’s true, it isn’t that bad, but I don’t care for eggs on burgers — I don’t understand the appeal (it’s like eating breakfast and lunch at the same time and I find that confusing). The blueberry pie didn’t appear to be fried, I think somebody forgot. It tasted like a Pop Tart, something I haven’t had since I was eleven years old, yet made such a bad impression on my tongue that I have no problem remembering exactly what that bite was like.

    • theresaurus says:

      Okay, my comment was not approved. I won’t comment again.

    • Hmm, let me try again! I used to think eggs on savoury/non breakfast things was strange, but now I’m converted. I do prefer that the yolk is runny though, which is never going to happen at McDonald’s, of course! Bummer about your pie…I never really ate Pop Tarts growing up, but I don’t think I was missing too much, lol.

  8. mrsands says:

    Have you ever tried a deep fried Mars Bar? Scotland really is a country where you can deep fry anything.

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  10. danny says:

    does america sell this burger?

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