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Kyary Pamyu Pudding!

Are you feeling blue? Perhaps life is getting you down? Has someone got a case of the Februarys? (It’s almost over, I promise!) Here’s the best way to combat ennui–with pudding! Better yet, pudding delivered by everyone’s favorite Harajuku It … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Las Vegas Burger

Whoops! The newest Big America Burger is already out at McDonald’s, and I forgot to post the Las Vegas Burger. So, without further ado… I have it on good authority that until recently, the Japanese language Wikipedia included a description … Continue reading

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Tiny Grass is Dreaming

My favorite type of Engrish–poetry. It’s not misspelled or grammatically incorrect. Just randomly poetic in a way that might not have been put together otherwise. It may not be Japanese, but the Engrish is beautiful. Love it. Have a wonderful … Continue reading

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Tokyo Sky Tree Kit Kats!

A friend of mine picked these up in Tokyo recently! We were a bit disappointed that the box contained three smaller boxes instead of some epically loooooong Kit Kat wafers, but they still tasted yummy. They reminded us of those … Continue reading

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Azuki Matcha Latte & Frappuccino at Starbucks

I know you can get green tea lattes at Starbucks in the US these days, but somehow I doubt that this special winter version, the Azuki Matcha Latte, will be making it’s way across the Pacific any time soon. The … Continue reading

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