Tokyo Sky Tree Kit Kats!

A friend of mine picked these up in Tokyo recently! We were a bit disappointed that the box contained three smaller boxes instead of some epically loooooong Kit Kat wafers, but they still tasted yummy. They reminded us of those chocolate oranges you always see at Christmas time. Delicious!

Apparently they held a vote to choose the flavor, and orange came out on top. I have some more orange flavored goodies I’ll be posting soon–it seems like a really hot flavor right now. I keep seeing it everywhere!

Also everywhere? Sky Tree paraphernalia! It’s just a few short months till the grand opening on May 22nd, and Tokyo is starting to get excited. Or at least get merchandise. I’ve been seeing souvenirs popping up in Roppongi, Shinjuku…clear on the other side of town!

Are you looking forward to Tokyo Sky Tree opening? Do orange-flavored Kit Kats sound like a good idea? What do you think?


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3 Responses to Tokyo Sky Tree Kit Kats!

  1. Haikugirl says:

    How funny! Orange Kit Kats are a “normal” flavour here in England. Love the packaging of this one, but agree that it should have been one long Kit Kat. 😉

  2. jugglingtam says:

    I’m a big fan of flavored Kit-Kats! They happen to be my choice souvenir to send home to my friends in America. It’s been hit or miss with the flavors though. I almost puked everywhere with the wasabi and lavender ones. I can imagine that orange is good and have also seen the orange craze taking over. They are featuring orange blossom coffee at Starbucks (not that I go there like a stereotypical American or anything). Great share!


  3. Pingback: La Tokyo SkyTree a aussi droit a ses produits dérivés !

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