Tiny Grass is Dreaming

My favorite type of Engrish–poetry. It’s not misspelled or grammatically incorrect. Just randomly poetic in a way that might not have been put together otherwise. It may not be Japanese, but the Engrish is beautiful. Love it. Have a wonderful Friday!


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7 Responses to Tiny Grass is Dreaming

  1. Blue Shoe says:

    That is some nice signage. There is definitely something poetic about it, especially the first one.

  2. Wim says:

    /big smile .. dream on little grass

  3. joe says:

    These are the best I have seen! So nice when things get accidently translated into something more emotional and pretty. : )

  4. rxp says:

    FYI this is not Japanese but Chinese. As funny the English translation is, you can’t pin this one on Japan.

  5. lol love this post.
    Actually really good site here~
    I am really starting to get into this!
    I hope you will continue~

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