McDonald’s Las Vegas Burger

Whoops! The newest Big America Burger is already out at McDonald’s, and I forgot to post the Las Vegas Burger. So, without further ado…

I have it on good authority that until recently, the Japanese language Wikipedia included a description of the traditional American breakfast as including broken glass.

I expected a similarly bizarre interpretation when McDonald’s Japan took on the challenge of how best to express the city of Las Vegas in burger form. While there is no broken glass apparent, the results seem to be just as bizarre.

Now, with real Stripper Meat! Sprinkled with edible gold dust! Sauces of broken dreams and crushed knee caps! The jokes for the Sin City burger ran rampant on twitter (spotted any good ones?) but the truth of it seems even stranger.

First up, there’s the usual comically oversize patty hanging off an unadorned but slightly up-classed bun, with a requisite slice of processed American cheese. I mean, it is the Big America series, after all, so American cheese is obviously necessary on every burger.

Next up we have a “luxurious” sour cream sauce. That’s tasty enough, if slightly odd. Then there’s the slightly spicy sliced beef and onion salsa. Uh, what? I don’t even understand what this is trying to be, or what it has to do with Las Vegas in the slightest.

Perhaps this is the stripper meat?

Much like the Grand Canyon Burger before it, I have no idea how this relates to its namesake. Micky D’s Japanese website blathers about luxury, but nothing about it seems particularly luxurious. We’ve topped our beef with beef! And dairy! LUXURY!

To be fair, I’ve only been to Las Vegas once, so I’m no expert. Is there something I’m missing? Those of you that have been to Las Vegas more than once, does it sound accurate or relevant in any way?

It’s tasty enough, but if you’re dreaming of something amazingly delicious, you’re sure to be disappointed, just like the countless visitors to the “Gambling Capital of the World” who think they’re about to strike it rich. Perhaps that’s the true connection to that city in Nevada—it tastes like disappointment.

★      ★      ★

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4 Responses to McDonald’s Las Vegas Burger

  1. I resided in Las Vegas briefly and you’re right… This does not appear to have anything to do with Vegas. I would have expected something more like a Prime Rib burger (so many of the casino restaurants do Prime Rib specials…) and maybe a glitzy wrapper, but nothing specific in terms of toppings and condiments.

    Oh Japan, you so crazy. =3

  2. What in the world is that concotion meat on top meat!

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