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Gunma-chan x Sento-kun, plus a contest!

A little while back I had the idea of dressing Gunma-chan in various outfits, especially those of other local mascots or Yurukyara. This is Gunma-chan wearing the outfit of everyone’s favorite slightly creepy mascot from Nara, Sento-kun. What do you … Continue reading

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Gunma Art Share Night!

This past weekend my local JET Association held a new event–Art Share Night. The idea was to beat the winter blues by coming together to share some creativity. There were live performances and physical art as well. It was great! I … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

I actually sent out traditional Japanese 年賀所 or nengajo this year! I always love receiving a big stack of of cards on New Year’s day, but I’ve always been daunted by the process of making them. I finally buckled down … Continue reading

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Gunma-chan, A Call To Arms!

We’re big fans of Gunma-chan around here, our Prefecture’s horsey little mascot. He’s a pretty cute pony, and may in fact be cuter than any other mascot in Japan. In fact, there is a huge Japan-wide competition right now to … Continue reading

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All aboard the Gun Bus!

Well, it wouldn’t be a trip in Gunma if you didn’t ride the Gun Bus! Fabulous gun/kancho demonstration courtesy of our lovely guest stars, Chelsey, who can be found over at Fish in Man Bum and Liz, who may or … Continue reading

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Meet the Mascots! Joushu-kun & Miyama-chan

Gunma-chan wears many hats here, but one of the jobs he doesn’t do is police work. Perhaps he dreams of being a police man when he grows up, but for now, his horsey cousins have taken the reins (ba-dum-ching!) Meet … Continue reading

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The Many Faces of Gunma-chan: Super ぐんまちゃん!

Hey guys! How awesome is this Gunma-chan? I think he’s my new favorite! Now he’s not just our prefectural mascot, he’s our prefectural super hero too! I know I feel safer having him protecting us. Don’t you? The cabbage patch … Continue reading

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The Many Faces of Gunma-chan — Train Conductor!

We spent the weekend in lovely Minakami, jumping off of waterfalls, swimming in crystal blue rivers, and having an awesome time with great friends. Minakami is only about an hour away by train, but the natural beauty is something straight … Continue reading

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The Many Faces of ぐんまちゃん — Tsumagoi

This week’s installment in The Many Faces of Gunma-chan reminds me of a Rorschach test. Though there is an actual interpretation and meaning behind this visual salad of an image, I think that the possibilities are potentially endless! Personally, it … Continue reading

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The Many Faces of Gunma Chan — Gunma Orientation!

Late last week we had a 2 day orientation for the new participants of JET Program here in Gunma. There were new faces from all over the world–North Americans, South Africans, Austrailians, New Zealanders, Singaporeans and more were there to … Continue reading

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