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New World Order: WakuDoki

  This just in: Toyota wants a viral video hit, and they’ve enlisted our boys in suits to help them get it. There’s a fancy set, there’s a funny monkey, there’s a little bathroom humor, and there’s a wacky dance … Continue reading

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Sailor Moon Cell Phone Case!

The reboot of the Sailor Moon anime is coming out this Saturday! I’m so excited to see what they’ve done with this classic series, and hope that it lives up to the rose-colored nostalgia that is the original. I have … Continue reading

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Streamer Coffee and the Military Latte

When I was in Tokyo recently I had a chance to drop in at one of my favorite coffee shops, Streamer Coffee. As much as I love Starbucks and their Cherry Blossom Lattes, one of my favorite things to do … Continue reading

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Old Tokyo in Color

Traditional Japanese art tends to be highly stylized, so it’s wonderful to see an historical yet realistic representation in the art of Cincinnati born artist Robert Frederick Blum. He lived in

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Tokyo Sky Tree Kit Kats!

A friend of mine picked these up in Tokyo recently! We were a bit disappointed that the box contained three smaller boxes instead of some epically loooooong Kit Kat wafers, but they still tasted yummy. They reminded us of those … Continue reading

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The Black Eyed Peas’ Love Song to Japan

A good friend of ours posted this video yesterday, saying that he missed Anime Expo. The lyrics are quite relevant (“I just can’t get enough” really resonates with those feelings of “con withdrawal” that always come up after such an … Continue reading

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The Green-Eyed Geisha Calls It Quits?

Westerners do seem to love the mythos of the Geisha, and I’m no exception. Obviously I’ve read Arthur Golden’s most famous novel, as well as the memoir of Mineko Iwesaki. I love Liza Dalby, who is generally considered to be … Continue reading

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