Tohoku Kit Kats!

After work today, I went to a couple of combinis in search of this year’s new summer Pepsi. While I didn’t find it, I did find a few other new arrivals, just in time for the new season! Best of all was these new Tohoku Kit Kats, in the Zunda flavor. Wait, what the heck is Zunda?

Zunda is basically mashed up, unroasted, sweetened soy beans. It’s a staple in the Tohoku area apparently, and a common sweet like Anko or red bean paste in other parts of Japan. The bars are a basic white chocolate with a nutty tasty, and just a hint of grassiness. Overall they’re nice enough, but pretty mild.

The cool thing about this bar however, is that it’s one of the Tohoku regional flavors, and I’ve only ever seen it in omiyage (souvenir) form before. Now, not only can you buy it from any local combini, but 10 ¥ from every bar sold goes to the Japanese Red Cross. It’s nice to see this little bit of support on the shelves of our local shops.

Sean wasn’t the biggest fan of the flavor, but I thought it was pretty nice. I might not crave it constantly but I enjoyed it well enough that I’ll happily share it with my friends, and feel good about doing it in the process!

Also, I find it amusing that I’ve been in Japan long enough to think “Hmm, unroasted green soybean flavor Kit Kats, that’s normal enough.”

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10 Responses to Tohoku Kit Kats!

  1. Blue Shoe says:

    Ooo – I’ll keep an eye out for this one!

  2. Haikugirl says:

    Oh wow. I’m so wishing I was in Japan right now!

  3. amblerangel says:

    At first I thought that was green tea kit kat- which I’ve seen only at the airport- kit kat really goes out of their way to make the Japanese flavors- what’s that all about? It actually sounds pretty good, ne?

  4. Kaori says:

    I found these and bought a whole bunch so I could send it out to all my Japanese kit-kat loving friends in the states! Even if they don’t like the edamame taste, at least it will be for a great cause. Thanks for the heads up ;D

  5. lina says:

    A good cause and you get kitkat to enjoy too. 🙂

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