Happy Engrish Friday! Braaaains….

That’s pretty nice that this company feels like they can brag about their employees, but I tell you what–this is NOT the place to be working when the zombies come. I would get the heck out of here!


Are you a good brains worker? Do Japanese zombies say “脳”? So many mysteries…


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7 Responses to Happy Engrish Friday! Braaaains….

  1. BaaaHaHaHaaa Haaa!!! This is super-duper awesome funny! and strangely makes me want to visit! =D

    I SO needed that this morning. Thanks for making me smile!
    Hope all is well. =)

  2. Blue Shoe says:

    Wow, nice. There’s some Engrish out there that you can kind of understand what they were going for. But this…hmmm…

  3. Richard says:

    As far as I can see, Japanese zombies say 脳みそ, which is quite a tasty way of saying “brains”. I wonder if they make it into noumiso soup.

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