Nyan-Cat Tattoos, Part II

Recently I posted a picture of a Nyan-Cat Tattoo. Well, it turns out there’s more where that came from!

What do you think? The last one is my favorite, but it’s still a whole lot of commitment. Man, I can’t even commit to eyeliner…


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5 Responses to Nyan-Cat Tattoos, Part II

  1. Kaley says:

    That last sentence is so true. I would love to get a tattoo, but I don’t really like something enough to have it be on me FOREVER. It freaks me out.

  2. Haikugirl says:

    When I was a teenager I was a bit of a goth. I seriously considered getting a huge pentagram tattooed across my back. I’m sooooooo glad I didn’t now. These tattoos are cool and fun, but I can’t help wondering how these people will feel in ten or twenty years… (>_<)

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