What is this I don’t even…Chip!Chop

I could tell you that this is Matsu, one of the members of Super Mega Badboy Boyband EXILE. I could tell you that his hair and costume is referring to Osomatsu-kun, the title character of the iconic, long-running manga turned anime. I could even tell you that Chip!Chop is a product of the Meiji chocolate company, of chip shaped cereal pieces sandwiching a thin layer of chocolate filling.

But does any of this really matter?

This commercial is bizarrely compelling and slightly disturbing, and yet I can’t put my finger on why…Though I’m quite sure this Oso/Matsu would make an excellent boyfriend for the lovely Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (whose new album Moshi Moshi Harajuku was released today! Exciting!)

But, yes. The power of Chip!Chop compels you! Dance. DANCE. Chippu choppu…


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8 Responses to What is this I don’t even…Chip!Chop

  1. Omg I LOVE Chippu choppu CMS!!!!! They’ve had some good ones in the past too. The song really makes it for me XD

  2. Anna says:

    Do the waggly knees dance! Goodness, I won’t be able to get this out of my head for days…

  3. Blue Shoe says:

    Haha…he just looks so dirty.

  4. TokyoChel says:

    hahaha! So wierd! There’s something really strange about how crazy/funny the song and outfits are contrasted with the super-serious/creepy expression on the guy’s face.

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  6. jen says:

    Just found your blog … Please, please, please translate the commercial/have someone translate it for you and post here! I can’t find it anywhere. PS The really tasty-looking, yummy-smelling baked goods sold in kiosks in Seoul’s subway are not filled with chocolate. 😦 They are filled with red bean paste. Bleeeech!

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