Happy Pocky Day!

We interrupt your regularly schedule Engrish of the week to bring you important news: the clever marketing people at Glico have realized that 11/11 rather looks like four sticks of everyone’s favorite Japanese treat, Pocky, standing next to each other.


Better yet, as this is the year 2011, that makes today 11/11/11 and is in fact the ultimate Pocky day. Especially at 11:11 in the morning! Or evening! Don’t you want Pocky yet?

Please celebrate by watching this hilarious collection of ridiculous commercials featuring my favorite ARASHI boy Nino grooving to MC Hammer. I particularly enjoy the fact that “Hammertime” has morphed into “食べたい” or tabetai, which means “I want to eat!” Very clever!

Will you eat Pocky today? What’s your favorite flavor? I haven’t had any for a little while, but maybe I’ll pick up a box to celebrate!


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2 Responses to Happy Pocky Day!

  1. Becca says:

    I just found the new Nino Pocky commercial and I think it’s hilarious! But I cannot catch what Nino is saying…Do you know?

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