Disney’s Year of the Dragon

Happy Lunar New Year! Sean’s family is Thai-Chinese, so the holiday is always a big deal in our family. It’s still a bit strange to me that the zodiac animal changes at January 1st in Japan, so I decided not to post about the Year of the Dragon until Chinese New Year.

That being said, I love these Disney interpretations we found when we went to Tokyo Disney Sea a few weeks ago! I especially loved that they used Mushu from Mulan as the dragon. Very clever!

First up is a lovely papercraft from Paper Artist Takashi Ohta. It was a tiny little thing tucked away in a gift shop near the front. I almost missed it, but it ended up being one of my favorite sights of the day. So delicate and lovely.


Next up was this lovely tin of cookies, always one of my favorite souvenirs.


The flavors were quite traditional Japanese, as far as these things go. The green ones are of course green tea, and I was surprised that the black ones were actually black sesame. Yummy!

What do you think? Are you celebrating Chinese New Year? I miss being home for the big family dinner (and little red envelopes!) but I like seeing how Japan ushers in the Year of the Dragon. Very cool!

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2 Responses to Disney’s Year of the Dragon

  1. japan-a-lana says:

    I’m not a Disney person. But, you really get in the spirit when you go there. I went to Disney Sea and got a tin of snacks. The tin is the only Disney thing I own, I’m sure. But it’s Japanese-y so it’s really cool.

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