Generation Gap, A Musical Activity in Three Steps

Step 1

Watch this video from K-Pop girl group 少女時代 or Shōjo Jidai. Just the first 45 seconds is enough, but of course you can keep going if you like this kind of thing.

Step 2

Watch this cover version, from parody group 昭和時代 or Shōwa Jidai*

Step 3

Throw up in your mouth. You’re welcome!

*Shōjo Jidai means “Girl’s Generation” whereas Shōwa Jidai refers to the years between 1926–1989, aka when these dudes were born. Also, the original song is called Gee, and the cover is the same, but written 爺 as in old man, or grandfather. Teehee!

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3 Responses to Generation Gap, A Musical Activity in Three Steps

  1. Grant says:

    Thanks for that. Really. I need to go shower off my eyeballs after that second video. Or just watch the first one again.

  2. Andrea says:

    Wait, what what what? You don’t like the SMAP version?! I must have watched this 50 times. Frankly, I think Nakai’s dancing is a little better than the girls in the original video…

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